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College Scholarships 2014 - 2015

The economy is still in recovery which makes a lot of students and parents worried that there may not be a lot of college scholarships for the 2014-2015 school year available to them. Of course the squeeze on the economy has effected some funding sources but there are still plenty to choose from you just have to be diligent about applying and searching for scholarships.


Scholarships are not loans but they are not grants either. Loans have to be repaid, grants are simply given based usually on income but Scholarships are something you have to compete for. Scholarships are usually awarded to the most worthy application. Scholarships range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars and can be based on athletics, academics, community service or simple essay type competition.

College Scholarships 2014-2015 - When is the Best Time to Apply?

Ideally applicants should start looking into available scholarships in the beginning of their junior year! Many scholarships require advance applications sometimes as much as a year in advance before graduation.

Starting to search for available scholarships and getting familiar with the requirements for those scholarships requires that you start early. Sometimes the scholarship requirements are vigorous and may include some proof of community service understanding what is required early on can give you the opportunity to get involved with the required activities.

College Scholarships 2014-2015 - Great Resources

The internet of course is a great resource when you are trolling around looking for scholarship opportunities but it is not the only place you should be looking. Your high school guidance counselor has a wealth of resources.

Private companies and organizations that may not mention their scholarship programs online will likely have sent your guidance department information regarding their scholarship offerings. Your guidance counselor is your single best resource.

Private sector businesses will often contact the guidance department at the high school and ask them if they have any recommendations for a college scholarship for 2014. Making your guidance counselor your friend can go a long way in getting some unexpected college money for school.

Social clubs and organizations are another great resource. Many social clubs, unions and other organizations offer scholarships to members and family members. A lot of professional organizations also offer scholarship money to students that show promise in the field that the organization represents.


Getting your application together early can help you to beat out some of the competition. When preparing your application be sure to follow all the directions. Do not skip any of the steps and do not ignore any of the requirements. If you do skip any steps or ignore any of the requirements it is very likely your application will be trashed!

The competition is fierce for college scholarships for 2014-2015 but you can easily be in the running and even elbow out the competition if you get your application in, it looks like the time was taken with it that needs to be taken and you do it all early.








































college scholarships 2014-2015